dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In which Simon Meets the Horses

Do you guys remember Simon? The kitten we brought home around Christmas?
gratuitous cute kitten photo
Well he's pretty well grown and now venturing outside. He's been hanging around the house mostly and has not ventured to the barn. A few times he's come about half way before chanign his mind and running back to the house.

Last night as the dogs and I headed to do the last chck on the horses he followed us to the barn. Martin  was hanging around as well. Simon came up to the door and peered inside. He then sat just outside the door with his head cocked looking at the horses. The horses noticed him right away.

Irish: Well hello there little guy. Who are you?

Simon: I'm Simon, the most adorable of cats. Wow you are big. What are you guys?

Irish: We're horses.

Carmen: the most noble of the creatures. you must be our newest servant to take care of the rodents that dare infest our home.

Simon: Servant? I'm a cat. And mom's precious baby. We're not servants- we're fearless hunters. That's what Martin tells me. 

Carmen: As long as you take care of the problem you may call yourself whatever you like.

Belle: *snort* 'fearless hunters' and 'noblest of creatures'. They'll think they're as good as dogs next. 

Martin: Ignore them. They are just jealous. Everyone knows that cats are revered as gods. Besides who ate the mouse we left outside and then vomited it up indoors? 

Belle: shut up! 

d'Arcy: I'm pretty sure we need to be working. Not standing around talking

Carmen: everyone knows that the wind of heaven blows through the horses ears. 

Belle: that's because there's nothing else in there.

Carmen: Well I never! 

Irish: hey guys that's enough. Come on in little guy, let me sniff you. 

Simon: maybe another time....

And he sauntered off to join Martin.

Carmen: can I have my hay now? I've been waiting forever. 


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