dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How time flies

Steele will be three next month. He's coming along so well and lately I've seen a real jump in his maturity both physically and mentally. I wanted to look back at how he's developed over the past 18 months.

Here he is shortly after arrival:
his first night. see how he likes to make a bed out of hay?
first time he and Irish were out together
conformation shot
He looks like a skinny teenager.

Over the winter he filled out and here he is this spring:

And now you can see how he's filled out and just look more mature.
this is his 'noble' pose
I swear, he knows that I'm taking his picture!
I now have to stand on my tiptoes to groom his butt. He's still quite 'roany' but now his tail looks like it's been dipped in blond paint!


  1. He is so GORGEOUS!! I LOVE his noble pose. :D Always with his head in the clouds haha. I'm just kidding. :) I can't believe how wide he is in the chest already. He makes Chrome looks so narrow and Chrome is already four and a half.

    1. the chest has just started to broaden. he looked quite odd a few weeks ago with his barrel attached to a narrow chest!


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