dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Driving lesson # 2

Monday was a beautiful day so when I got home for work I decided to work Steele again. I figured that a repetition the next day would be good for both of us 

I started with the familiar lunge work. I wanted to make sure that any extra energy was taken care of. But he was quiet and obedient from the beginning. I asked Ed to come and help and he was happy to oblige. I explained that essentially he was a 'spotter' and to walk beside Steele and if he freaked out to simply bring him into a small circle. 

I fastened the lines and off we went. And, as I expected, it was no big deal. After  5 minutes I asked Ed to unfasten the lead but walk beside him. We turned right and left. We did circles.  We halted. No problem so I had Ed stop while we carried on. The only thing was that Steele kept trying to veer towards him and there was one grass eating attempt. 

I stopped it then so that we ended when all was good. 

I just have to say that I have the smartest pony in the universe. 


  1. Yes you do! And he has the cutest personality too.

  2. What fun! Chrome tries to veer towards my husband too. :)

    You're doing such a great job with Steele! I can't wait for you to start riding him. I'm so excited! Are you riding him when he turns three or waiting until spring?


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