dancing horses

dancing horses


In 2012 I purchased my dream horse- an 18 month old Andalusian Gelding named Steele. I carefully raised and trained him only to lose in 2014 in a horrible manner: http://journeywithadancinghorse.blogspot.ca/2014/12/its-all-over.html

He was the reason I started this blog and I wouldn't trade one second that I had with him, even if it did shatter my heart.

I'm now at a point where I can appreciate the fact that he was in my life and not just focus on how he died. 365

Requiem for a Spanish Horse      by Janet Manual 
The eyes tell all
bold blood of ancient breed
gazing out in curious joy
fringed in beauty and
as deep as a starry night sky.

Quiet respect flows through that great heart
beating within the curved chest,
bonded horse and woman
woven, golden thread by
golden thread,
through daily patient persistent intent,
and love,
and action.

Those eyes are closed now
the heart is still
and we as the human halves
of this equine equation
must suffer the curse of memory
and rage at the broken bond
and stories stolen from us too soon -
too soon.

Yet comfort comes in unfathomable form
A dream, the hour before waking
an endless herd of joyous galloping,
beautiful horses
tall and small,  all colours and shapes
and breeds
wheeling by
and there in the centre
our boy, our beautiful perfect boy
mane flying,  tail plumed, carefree bucking
in a prairie of scented, flowing grass -
There were people, too
some astride, some running beside
no saddles nor bridles needed
in perfect balance and harmony

There in the centre,
our beautiful, perfect boy
solid and whole.

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