dancing horses

dancing horses

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Beach Ride Master Class

 You all remember my friend Karen and her stallion Kalimo- I write about them fairly often. Kalimo is her imported PRE and he's stunning. 

Karen and Jim own a beautiful house/cottage in Prince Edward Island (or PEI as we call it). Every year she takes her horse for a couple weeks vacation. This year she and Jim invited Ed and I to come for a couple days. 

one of the many views from their deck

I looked at my schedule and found a couple days I could take off so we made a date. 

Then she said 'bring your riding clothes if you want and you can ride Kalimo on the beach'. 

The morning we had chosen dawned rather gray and wet but it was warm. when the weather began to improve we got ready. Karen rode Kalimo down to the beach and I drove her truck. When she arrived we used the tailgate as a mounting block and I got on. I was feeling a whole range of emotions and thoughts- excited, happy, worried I would fall off and Kalimo would take off and get hurt, etc. Karen, of course, was not worried (or she hid really well). 

Nonetheless we were off and I started my riding lesson. (note: the narrative is much better if you imagine Kalimo with the voice of Antonio Banderas, which he really has). 

Kalimo: Oh hello, Señora Karen told me that I was teaching her friend how to properly enjoy the beach. Come, we are off. 
Me: Wait, I want to take a between the ears photo. 
Kalimo: Señora, there is no time for such foolishness. We must go- the beach awaits. 

I threw my phone at Karen to take some photos because there was no arguing with my teacher. At some point her sister Margaret came and took many photos that I'm using in this post. 

I sat there breathing in the sea air, watching the seagulls fly off and trying to remain relax while my inner 12 years old was positively bouncing with glee. We headed off down the beach. 

Kalimo:  Señora, you must relax, this is fun. Say hello to the man walking there so he can admire me. 
We had a brief chat with the gentleman walking. I believe that if you are out in public it is good to make sure that people are not frightened and see you and your mount as friendly. 

Kalimo: Yes, now we carry on. See the little birds? We must not scare them. 
Me: The sandpipers? Yes, I see them. 

Kalimo very carefully move sideways to avoid them. The seagulls he ignored completely. 

Kalimo:  you are feeling good? We can trot now. 
Me: ummm
Kalimo:  Trust me Señora it will be fun. 
Me:  okay. 
And off we trotted. He was so good and gentle and clearly having a great time. I'm sure that I was laughing a lot and I bet the local cottagers were wondering what weird seagull was cackling. 

I got really brave and asked for a canter. 
Kalimo: Ah, Canter! Well done Señora! 
Me: okay, maybe we come back now
Kalimo: No, no, you have just started, it is fine, we will keep going. 
Me: But I'm thinking we should trot now.  (I think I accidentally tightened up here because Kalimo shifted gears into a more forward canter). 
Kalimo:  Feel the breeze in our faces, our manes blowing in the wind. We are magnificent you and I. 
Me: But there's this cliff face coming up, maybe we should trot. 
Kalimo:  Señora, please, I am a professional, we shall stop when it's time. 
Me: *gulp*
Sure enough when we got close to the cliff he slowed so soft and gently to a walk. 

Kalimo: I told you señora there is nothing to worry about. You are with Kalimo, nothing bad will happen. 
Me: Okay then. 

I began to relax and really enjoy the ride. We did a lot of trotting and even more cantering. It was exhilarating. 

With the sound on you can hear the wind and the surf. 

I honestly do not know how long we rode but Kalimo finally felt tired enough to do a walk on a long rein. 

I offered to be done but he was not ready so we went back down the beach. I think he would have stayed there all day. Going up and down the beach, stopping to allow walkers to admire his beauty. 

But finally it was time we had to go. Karen asked if I wanted to ride him back to the cottage. I said sure as long as she was fine with it (of course she wouldn't have offered otherwise). She told me to walk him up the road and stop at the stop sign, cross the rode and then follow the track on the field to her place.  Kalimo went off well enough but half-way up the road he wanted to turn around. 

Kalimo: We have left Señora Karen at the beach. We must return and get her. 
Me: no, Karen told us to go she's following in the truck. 
Kalimo: I have never left her behind on the beach. Never. We go back. 
Me: I'm afraid I'm going to insist we carry forward. 

Kalimo: I do not like this señora but I will follow your advice. 

It was kind of funny- our walk got slower and slower the farther away from the beach we got. By the time we got over to the field and I saw Karen waiting at the house I called out to her
Me: We'll be there in about an hour.
Kalimo: I am so tired Señora, and you make jokes? 
Me: I am sorry, I shall give you many many many carrots when we return. 
Kalimo: that would be appreciated. 

I do not know any riders that don't imagine riding on the beach. I'm sure that they are out there but I've not met one yet. This ride was amazing on so many levels. Kalimo is so much fun to ride, he responds to the lightest of aids and is very sensitive but so kind and calm at the same time. For Karen to offer him to me was an honour I will not forget. 

Karen told me to lock this memory down and even think of a song to go with it. That way when I need a good memory I can call it back up. It took me a while to think of a song but then it hit me on the way home: "I Cannot be Broken" by Claire Guerreso (her work is so good, you should check her out). When I got home friday Karen had made this video for me with a compilation of photos set to the music. I was overwhelmed. 

Here it is if you want see it: 

This is a trip that I doubt I will ever forget. 


  1. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    I love EVERYTHING about this. What an amazing experience.

  2. "Feel the breeze in our faces, our manes blowing in the wind. We are magnificent you and I."


    Lol The Antonio Banderas voice certainly helped while reading this. What an amazing experience. And that beach on PEI is stunning - it looks so wild and remote.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. The beach does look remote but very little of PEI is remote. It’s just thst there are so many beaches it’s easy to find one with little to no crowds. Especially in 2020.

  3. "Antonio Banderas" - I LOLd.

    Every February our Mounted Orienteering group would have a fun day at the beach with random horsey games. I sure miss that!

    That horse was eye candy but I think Carmen is even more beautiful, with her striking color and stallion neck.

    People in Europe cannot imagine vast empty beaches.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. Carmen is beautiful. I sometimes wonder what a Kalimo/ Carmen baby would look like but then I remember my age. 😁

  4. How absolutely wonderful! What a great friend and lovely horse! The AB voice cracked me up and I read the whole thing giggling. Lucky you!

    1. That racks- I did a lot giggling while riding. Karen is an amazing friend

  5. Wow!!

    Talk about a once in a lifetime experience. A beach ride is on my bucket list, but on a wonderful PRE stallion--just over the moon wonderful!

    1. I love thst I now have a story that starts ‘that time I rode an Andalusian stallion on the beach’.

  6. Just beautiful ! You are so lucky to have had this experience. A memory for a lifetime.

  7. What a gorgeous horse and beautiful ride on the beach. You are a blessed woman!

  8. This is so wonderful! What a great friend you have in Karen! So glad you got to have this experience!

  9. Totally and completely gorgeous. What a magical experience.

  10. Replies
    1. It was so much fun!! I'm glad that I've done something for you to be jealous of- you have so many adventures!

  11. I cried when I read this! I absolutely love the antonio banderas voicetrack! "We have left Señora Karen at the beach. We must return and get her. "

    1. Awww, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! It was so much fun. I bet Q would LOVE the beach!

  12. I love this post! I had been looking forward to reading about this adventure after seeing your pics on social media. Kalimo is GORGEOUS!!! And I love the Antonio Banderas accent. Lol!

  13. That looked amazing!
    My family arrived in PEI in something like 1795, but I've never been! The possibility of beach rides might be incentive I need to visit the ancestral home!


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