dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Opposite Day

It's nice to be getting into consistent riding. Without regular coaching I hope that we're progressing, or at least not going backwards.  Carmen has been working really well. 

hey, do you have any carrots? 

Earlier in the week we had a glorious day of sun with temperatures in the high teens (Celcius). As I worked in my home office I could see the horses out basking in the sun. When my work day was over I quickly changed and headed out to enjoy the end of day sun. Carmen felt really mellow. Like really mellow. In the ring she could barely put one hoof in front of the other. 

I don't mind quiet but this was verging on the ridiculous. We were going around the ring and I was trying to create energy without getting into an argument. We were going down the long side in what can only be described as a western jog when she gave a spook and began to canter towards the gate. 

Me: YES, let's go
Carmen:  EEEK... wait, what? 
Me: let's canter away
Carmen:  I don't think that it was that scary
Me:  oh yes, it was terrible. All fangs and scales.
Carmen:  that trot was nice or we could stop
Me: sure, better safe than sorry I always say
Carmen: no you don't. You NEVER say that
Me: Sure I do. Remember? Anyway the answer is to go fast and save our lives!
Carmen:  I hate you right now

After that we had a pretty good ride. The next time we went by that spot she looked at it
Me: should we flee again?
Carmen:  nope, I'm good. 

That was the last day and really nice weather. The next day was sunny but blustery and cold. 

nothing like the wind up your tail 

I am trying to ride two days and take one off. I figured that I would tack her up and see how she was. I was expecting her to be riled up. But she was not. Not as a slow as the day before but still pretty quiet.  It was a good ride. Probably not anything special in terms of any skills but we had fun and we were working as a team. 

Saturday was quiet and cloudy. Carmen was definitely more forward and a bit spooky but nothing major and we had some great work. She was a bit tight and the work focussed on getting her to stretch over her back and use her core. I could feel her starting to let go and understand the stretching out felt good. 

That afternoon I made some cupcakes as the rain/snow came down. OMG, they were so good- rich and chocatey and, frankly, dangerous. I had some frozen Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream frosting and I used that instead. 

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I am enjoying the quiet pace, but perhaps not as much as Carmen. 

Carmen's life goals right here

Let me end with a PSA from Guinness: he wants to remind you all to wash your paws and keep your things clean. 


  1. Poor Carmen; I think you’re on to her.

    1. It seems that way. I'm sure she'll figure out ways to surprise me. But I'm more confident in my riding so that helps.

  2. The two on one off schedule is my favorite. You are Carmen are in such a different place exiting this winter than those prior, I love it.

    1. We are definitely in a different place. Once we get going I hope to get to 3 days work, 1 day play (groundwork, hack) followed by a day off.

  3. LOL that conversation with Carmen killed me ahahaha

  4. Your conversations with Carmen seem so accurate! I think Shiny would like the two days on, one day off schedule. She was kind of hating being ridden every day. I think she's probably loving her pandemic vacation though.

    1. I won't keep to that schedule once we get going. She is likely enjoying her vacation and will greet your return with the same enthusiasm as children going back to school. :0)

  5. Good back and forth with Carmen. Glad you're getting to get some rides in.

  6. Guinness good dog, I know you make sure we all keep our paws clean. And how lovely to sit in your home office, seeing your horses outside, and know you will soon be out there with them. I see my neighbor's horses outside my window, but my riding days are over, still it's a lovely sight.

    1. I am fascinated watching them over the day.

  7. Me: sure, better safe than sorry I always say
    Carmen: no you don't. You NEVER say that

    lololol i love it. also those cupcakes look yummy. glad you're enjoying the rides even tho this is obviously such a strange time!

    1. Thank you. Those cupcakes were dangerously good.


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