dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Busy Bee

OMG, I am so far behind in my blogging. It's not that nothing is going on but that between work and horse things I have very little time.

Don't get me wrong- that's a good thing.

But I started this blog to keep track of horse training so I shall try to catch up.

You might recall that I was trying to host an Equine First Aid clinic at my place. Well, despite low numbers we were able to get enough to go ahead.

My friend Paula decided to come to it and bring her mare for the weekend. Her mare is a stunning dark bay Canadian Warmblood who's also sensitive. I am quite familiar with how a history of spooking can wear away at confidence and how important miles are to boost it.

My own rides have been up and down. One day Carmen would be soft and listening and others not so much. Thursday's ride was a battle from the beginning- she wanted to bolt and was refusing to go in the far side of thing, even going to far as to back up. I decided that we could definitely back up and had be back all the way up the ring. On Friday riding with Paula Carmen was great- soft and listening. So I chalked it up to being persistent. Georgia was also great - not at all spooky.

from Sunday but isn't she stunning? 

The next morning I was up early getting all the chores done and getting ready for the clinic. I put a chilli in the slow cooker, put together some biscuits and set up the room. Thank god Paula was here to help.

The wind was terrible all day. At one point we heard a crashing in the woods and the horses were startled by the noise. Sure enough a tree broke off and, of course, fell across the fence that Ed had just finished tightening.

Fortunately it did not break a post- just stretched the tape.
Also in the back field and not one they are in yet 
I enjoyed the clinic. Ed has asked me what I thought I would learn and I said I wasn't sure. Over the years you pick up things but you don't really know if there are holes. Turns out I knew quite a bit but practicing doing the bandaging and talking through scenarios. We practiced on bandaging and taking vitals on Carmen, Irish and Georgia.

Irish, of course, loved it. I looked over and he had a bandaged head and two legs and he looked very happy with all the attention.
Irish playing doctor. Or is it playing 'vet'?

Carmen was more suspicious. To be honest, I wasn't sure how she would be with all the excitement. She was pretty good for most of it but when she had enough that was it so I put her away. 

Carmen checking out supplies to make sure that they are up to standard
After everyone left Paula and I tidied up and then fed the horses. We headed out for dinner and when we returned the wind had died down so we decided to just do ground work in the ring. Both mares quite enjoyed grazing on the grass along the edges. We were in bed around 9:30. Also, turned out the Friday Guinness slept in the bed with Paula. I was surprised when she said that he was hogging the bed-since he's not allowed on the furniture. Saturday night I found him  laying on the bed like it was no big deal. Totally busted and not so happy when I made sure he was locked out of the room. 

Sunday morning Paula rode while I walked around the ring picking up rocks and keeping her company. Georgia was totally relaxed and is quite a sweet mare. I didn't ride because I had a lesson booked for the afternoon (that's a whole other post). The weather was warm and sunny and I took advantage of Paula by having her help me give Carmen a bath. Carmen got clean and we both got a bit soaked. Honestly, I can't really be trusted with a hose. 

After my lesson Paula left and I came into the house and had a nap. 

I don't know that I can keep up this pace but it's really fun to try. 


  1. What a cool clinic idea! I would love to try something like that one day, or maybe one of those professional grooming clinics. Cool that your friend got to stay the weekend too!

    1. It was a good clinic. I would love to see everyone take something like this.

  2. Replies
    1. They both provide endless, lovable, amusement.

  3. Interesting idea for a clinic. I've never done anything like that.

    1. I suspect that you know quite a bit, especially after Nilla.

  4. Sometimes its good just to talk through the process of what you would do, in order to get some calm - at least I always feel better talking through the process.


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