dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snow Horse

Carmen: What a beautiful and warm day. I'm glad that the servant took our blankets off- I was too warm in mine. Maybe spring is coming after all. I think I'll have a nap. 


*slamming door*

Irish uh Oh here she comes. 

She's not thinking to ride is she? The snow is still too deep! 

Let me look- hmm, nope she has that black bag that holds the weird box she likes to look into. We should be okay. 

Oh good. As long as she doesn't expect me to go into the deep snow. 

Where's she going? 

Out into the paddock. With her black bag. She better be careful- the snow is deep in places out there. 

Well I'm not following her! Not without carrots and I don't see any. 


Irish:  what on earth is she doing- rolling up the snow? 

Carmen: go check it out. I would but I'm a lady. 

Sigh. We can watch her from here. 
can you see Irish? What is she doing?
I'm not sure- she may have lost her mind

Carmen: I can't believe that she's completely ignoring us. I can't take it anymore let's go see what's she's doing! 

Carmen: what on earth did she make? 

Irish: I think that it's a snow horse? 

Really? Let me see! *sniff* doesn't look much like a horse to me. Maybe it's modern art. 

hello little horse

Ha! I think it looks like you! 

Very funny. I'm going to fix it for her. 
um, horses don't look like this

first of all the hind quarters are all wrong
and don't get me started on the front! 

Irish: Now you did it- you knocked off the head. Let me help you

Carmen: I think we might be making it worse

 It's kinda fun to play with....but these servants are weird. 

Tell me about it young one. You have no idea....

"it wasn't me it was Irish who wrecked it, I told him not to"


  1. 😂😂😂😂 love it. I'd thought about doing that in the pasture, to much wind when we've had appropriate snow though.

    1. You should try it - I'd love to see what the little demons think of a snow horse!

  2. Ha ha! Irish is licking the Popsicle ears.

    1. They kept going back out the check it the rest of the afternoon.

  3. Haha that's too fun! I've never made a snow horsey before maybe if we get more snow I will try it

  4. Ha that's adorable!! They're so funny!

  5. Great! I think the snow sculpture definitely looks like a little horse. They look like they're having fun.

    Don't know if you really wanted a caption for the last picture but I thought Carmen might say..." it wasn't me it was Irish who wrecked it, I told him not to"

    1. That's a great idea! I will change it right now!

  6. That's so sweet that they played with it!

  7. So cute! If we had snow, I would build a snow man and horse to see what they did with it. I bet my colt would do some pawing at it lol

  8. That's truly classic. You could make it into a child's book and sell a ton.

  9. That post made my day! I love everything about it (including the snow horse you built!)


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