dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Metaphors and Traps

Hi guys, 
Steele here. 

You know that phrase "Live like someone left the gate open" ?

Turns out that it's a metaphor not an instruction. 

As you know my servant has started putting tack on me and doing what she calls 'riding'. She seems to like it and it's makes her happy so I tolerate it.

Normally when we're in the ring she has the gate closed. Lately she's been dismounting and opening the gate, re-mounting and riding me down to the barn.

Yesterday she opened it from my back. That was new but not too scary. She then proceeded to walk off. We turned back towards the gate and I headed to it but she wanted to go on by.

Now I know that servants can be a little dense so I tried to stop and go back but she insisted on going forward. The next time back I did a lovely little leg yield towards the gate so we could go down to the barn and I could get my refreshing shower. But nope. She put her leg on me and I had to walk by.

After a few times of me trying to explain my point of view and her insisting on us going her way I realized that she not only knew that the gate was open but that she expected me to ignore that fact and keep working.

These servants are so complicated.

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  1. LOL! Poor Steele, it's so hard to understand our crazy human reasoning! I'm glad you figured it out silly boy!


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