dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, June 24, 2013

What about me?

Sunday morning dawned sunny and warm. Ed and I had plans to go sailing that afternoon so I put on my riding clothes early and headed to the barn. As luck would have it Steele and Irish were inside hiding from the heat. Steele perked up when he saw me

oh hi. We're just napping. But I'm not really tired so what do you want to do?

I gave him a carrot and a scritch on his nose. I then went and grabbed Irish and brought him in.

Steele: what about me?

Irish: Yeah, what about him? 

Me: No two days in a row is enough for a youngster. Besides Irish I you need the exercise.

Irish: I thought I was retired.

Me: Semi- retired. 

Irish: Same difference

Me: Nope. It means that you still need to maintain a certain level of fitness and suppleness with exercise. Besides, it's not hard. 

Irish: True. 

I continued to groom Irish.
I felt a puff of wind on the back of my neck.
 I ignored it.
Then I felt a nuzzle on my ear. It tickled.
I shrugged my shoulder.
Then a light nibble on my hair.
Steele I said.
He put his head on my shoulder. I swear he batted his eyes.

Steele: you really should take me out you know.
Irish: yes you really should take him.
Me: I will take you out for a groom after I ride. 
Steele: yay.
Irish: sigh

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