dancing horses

dancing horses

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Giddy (and Up)

 While most of North America was in the grip of bitter cold temperatures, Nova Scotia escaped the worst of it. Our temperatures were pretty temperate for the time of year. We did get a cold snap for over Christmas but right after we had some pretty balmy temperatures. It was a lovely gift to have such warmth and sunshine. Ed even joked that he used to be jealous of those who lived in BC but now we seem to be getting the nicer weather (no offense to my BC friends). 

Nice to have this view in December

I have enjoyed some great rides out in the warmth and the sun. Even when it was cloudy it hasn't been bad. The ring is in great shape and I made the most of it. 

I also noticed that the back field was pretty green. So I decided to let them graze on it for a few hours each day. It has lead to a lot of excitement and glee from Carmen and Quaid. I may regret it in the spring when I have to repair some damage but it was worth it. 

Enjoying  a post ride graze (yes I leave the line
loose. No she doesn't run off. Yes she sometimes steps
on it but has figured out how to be careful). 

Carmen:  Coming in hot! Look out! 

Quaid: ooh that was impressive.

Quaid: what are you up to doggy? Can I come on the walk too? 

Carmen: Forget the mutts, c'mon! 

Quaid: wheee. Did you see mom? Did you see? Show my internet friends! HAI freinds!

Quaid: now get one of me looking Majestic AF.

Me: do you know what AF means? 

Quaid: of course- it means 'absolutely fabulous', 

Me: .....yes, you're right. Not super grammatical but it works. Okay. Aaand ACTION!

Carmen: I am AF too. 

Me: yes, yes you are. 

Today we're back to colder temperatures but that is okay. It is perfectly fine if winter starts in January rather than November. 

Galloping and looking majestic AF


  1. Wow, they are quite the beautiful pair! AF! Lucky you with that weather. I am jealous. We got so much snow in Nov / Dec that even though we now have warm temperatures, it is only slowly melting away. Of course, all this snow is AF for the aquifers!

    1. Snow is essential here as well so there are implications for less snow. But since I can’t make it snow I’ll enjoy the warm weather.

  2. Oh, I'm jealous of your beautiful weather (and farm). We've had grey skies and rain and/or snow for what feels like months now. The ground is squishy wet!

    1. If it helps, winter has arrived. And then this weekend we're getting about 80 mm of rain over 2-3 days.....

  3. Aw, sweet lil' innocent Quaid... They both look AF!

  4. those are some happy horses!! <3


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