dancing horses

dancing horses

Friday, December 23, 2022

The Gradual Return of the Light

 December 21 marked the Winter Solstice. Even though it's now officially winter, it also means that each day there will be an increase in daylight (approximately 2 minutes per day). Our weather has been pretty rainy rather than snow in the past few weeks. However, on the 21st the sun actually came out, the wind was light and it was a balmy 5 degrees celcius. 

I love this photo so much- just two horses feeling relaxed
and chilling. I rarely see Carmen lounging outside.

I took Quaid to do some work in the ring. The day before a riding halter I had purchased from Counter Canter designs arrived. I love the quality of the work. If you are looking for something she has a variety of colours to choose from. I decided that burgundy and navy would look great on himself. Tell me if I am right:

Quaid: How do I look? 

He had a lot of energy but I like how he doesn't get super foolish with it. I try to balance letting him go without making it like it's okay to run wild on a lunge line. What I like about Quaid is that he really tries hard to figure things out. He's sensitive but curious and likes to figure things out. 

Here's a video from last week of Julia playing with him at the mounting block. I took the video from Carmen's back so forgive the quality. 

I like to mix up the mental and physical work along with the new and familiar. At the end of our work I took off the line and asked him to play with me a bit at liberty. I've done a bit in the field, just games of 'come to me'. I did a wee bit a month or so ago in the ring and it went 'okay'. This time when I set him free he trotted up to the ring by Carmen and was really keen on finding grass or being close to her. All I did was add a bit of pressure with the whip and stop the pressure when he looked to me. It didn't take long for him to figure out to be with me. It took literally 3 minutes. I took out my phone and did a little video while working with him:

At the risk of sounding like 'that person' isn't he the best baby genius?! Don't get me wrong, he does highly irritating things too. But they are not deal breakers and I am careful to not spoil him. But it was a good way to celebrate the solstice. 


  1. Beautiful! Baby geniuses should be cherished, as they are wonderful gifts! Love the riding halter, my BO started her colt with one and ended up never using a bit because the touch is light and sensitive. When you have a keen and fast learner, it really works great.

    1. When I show I’ll need a bit but it’s a good way to introduce things and I’d like to use it a lot. I even want to try it on Carmen.

  2. Awww what a good boy! Yes those colours do look good on him.
    So that's basically a rope halter with a ring tied into the noseband knots? I shall have to try that next time I'm tying halters.

  3. Good work! He’s obviously very attune with you and a strong thinker. That’s another way of saying baby genius. 😂

  4. He IS the best baby genius! Glad you had a chance to do fun horsey things this time of year!

  5. Yay baby genius! Also thank you for the rope halter link.


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