dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Vacations Are Not Easy

Taking vacations when you have horses and other animals at home is not easy.
Guinness: whaddya mean? Just throw the stick. Easy. 

And we're the lucky ones- Joanne is willing to housesit whenever we need her. But I feel that I need to leave pages of instructions.

I always struggle with giving enough information without, you know, sounding crazy. Guinness, Chester and Carmen are pretty straightforward. But d'Arcy and Irish require special care and it sounds so complicated when I write it out.

There's making sure that there's enough feed, hay and shavings. We always get a few round bales in the spring to augment our bales. Ed and I picked that up on Sunday before the snow storm.

In addition to getting things ready at the farm I have to figure out what to pack. You see Ed and I going on a European River cruise. Whenever I say that I feel that I sound very rich. Which is hilarious. The truth is that we got a deal and also saved like mad to take this trip.

I am so very very excited. While I cannot wait to see the beautiful cities and scenery I am really excited that the weather is going to be actual double digits. The weather has been so very cold here it's depressing.

I think I got everything critical done at work but today I left and turned off my phone. I will worry about it in 2 weeks.

It's like getting ready for a horse show. I had these thoughts to ride today but I realized that my brain was far too frazzled to make riding a good idea. So instead I walked the dogs, triple checked that I have my passport and wondering if drinking a bottle of wine by myself is a good idea.

I really hope that Shanea has a chance to ride Carmen a few times. 

See you in a couple of weeks.


  1. We always tend to worry too much. Don’t worry mom the kids will be alright. Heave a great time!

  2. I've tried going on vacations, but find that I almost have to hire a vet to give insulin injections to Midge. I've been doing it for years, but for some reason giving injections is super difficult for most people. I leave instructions, but when I return I usually find that all hell has broken loose in the barn. There are so many subtleties in how we care for horses that we've learned over years of experience and we don't even realize that it's become second nature for us. One day a house guest wanted to help with barn chores and I turned around to see him dumping a water trough in the middle of a stall. I was like, "Nooooooooo..." I forgot to mention to him that we dump the water outside of the stalls. Oops. Then I later discovered that he didn't put the trough back where I had it when he refilled it, so Lostine immediately pooped in the full trough, forcing me to bail out the water, clean the trough, and refill it after he left. Sometimes helpers create more work for us than if we just did it ourselves.

    There's not much to do but go on vacation and hope for the best. Have fun.

  3. Have fun!!!!! SO exciting!! Hopefully by the time you return, winter will be gone! :-D

  4. I'm the same way about leaving, I struggle with it so much! But sounds like your farm will be in excellent hands, Carmen will have some productive training rides, and your vacation sounds amazing!! Have fun and take lots of photos! 😁

  5. have a great vacation!! i don't have the same size farm at home, rather i just have a city apartment with cats haha, but i still always worry about leaving. the nice thing tho, is that once i'm gone? i kinda just trust that the preparations i made will work out, and everything will be fine, and i can just let go and enjoy my time away.

    i hope you have a wonderful cruise and take so many great pictures!!

  6. Have fun! I understand the stress - we have two dogs that can't be kenneled and can't be left with a sitter, so family vacations have to include the dogs. Luckily, Ashke is in a barn with great owners who treat him like the spoiled prince he is.

  7. Oooh. So jealous. I've been wanting to o a river cruise. Have fun!

  8. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the river cruises. You guys are going to love it!!!

  9. I hope you have a WONDERFUL vacation! And I hear you on the saying enough but not too much to sound crazy. Fortunately, the last time I left the dogs, I had friends who understand my particular nature sit them and she fully expected my 2 page, single-spaced directions lololol!


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