dancing horses

dancing horses

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A New Journey Begins

Charlante left for her journey to Oakfield Farm on Friday morning. She had a few days outside of Montreal and then was picked up on Monday to come home.

It has been the longest two days of my life. I really thought that she would be here yesterday, late. Instead she arrived at 5 p.m. today. I know in my heart that it was in her best interests- they shippers took lots of breaks, hand walked her and made sure that she ate and drank. And I'm happy about that. I was also screaming internally.

Do you remember how excited you would be on Christmas eve? And it seemed like Christmas morning was never going to arrive? And then it did but your mom said that you had to wait for Grandma. Who went to church first. And then wanted tea?

It was like that.

Fortunately for Ed my friend Cynthia came and babysat me. Literally. She took me for lunch and help me stay amused with chores.

In one conversation the shipper said he'd spoken with the driver who said it was a gelding on the trailer. "I thought you said it was a mare?". I freaked out. Fortunately, Cynthia arrived in time to calm me down.  This was a worry I did not need.

I brought in Lexie and Irish before she arrived to minimize the excitement. When I saw the trailer I squealed. Yes. I did.

I must confess that I was worried about her coming. What if I was mistaken? What if I couldn't love her? But when she came off the trailer and I looked at her I was smitten all over again.

Yes. I thought. This is the one for me. 

Here are some pictures:

are you serious? is there always this much snow? 

okay, where are we going? 

She did not want to go by my trailer. I think she was worried that she was getting on another one. After a few minutes she trusted me enough to come with me. 

I had to bribe her into the stall with carrots. As soon as she got in she made herself at home. She drank, started in on the hay, peed and had a roll. She was very calm and relaxed about the whole thing. James (shipper) said that she was like that on the whole journey with him. 

Irish looks pretty smitten too
I stood gazing at her over the stall door and my eyes teared up. I said to Cynthia "I think that Steele would approve" . She gave me a hug and we stood there for a bit.

I came into the house to give the update on FB. I think all of FB was waiting for the update! And then I sat down to eat supper that Ed made. I couldn't really eat. But I tried. I said to Ed "I feel like I drove every mile of her journey"  He nodded "And I was your passenger".  Oh yeah.

I went out after to check on her. She had been laying down sleeping. She had pooped and drank most of her water. I groomed all the horses leaving her to last. I decided to groom her in her stall. She stood stock still and savoured the currying. She would delicately reach around and snuffle me.

I topped up her hay and water and put on a warmer blanket for the evening. It's one of Irish's and a little big for her. It's also beat up. Now that she's here I'll have to pick up a blanket for her......

And to end my post here's Miss Charlante eating calmly and quietly in her stall:
I love the sound of horses eating

God knows I never thought that my journey would go this way when I started this blog. I miss Steele still but I am excited to start a new journey with the stunning creature.


  1. So excited for you! She's so beautiful!

  2. She's so beautiful...glad she's finally there...am very happy for you!

  3. Charlante looks appalled by all the snow!

    When you said that Steele would approve, I teared up and just cried. So happy for you.

  4. She is gorgeous. Boy, do you have a lot of snow! I Think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

  5. Yay. I'm glad she's home. I look forward to the days ahead as she settles in and you start posting updates on how thjngs are going.

  6. So beautiful :) Thrilled for you and looking forward to all your adventures together!

  7. She is so beautiful!!! Only horse people would be excited about a nice big poop after a long journey :)

    She has such a kind eye and soft expression. So happy for you both!

  8. She is such a lovely girl! I'm so happy to hear how excited and joyful she has made you feel :)

  9. She is lovely...absolutely lovely. I am so happy for you, and wish you great joy as you begin this next chapter of your journey with your dancing horses...

  10. OMG I have a mare crush. What a divine creature.

  11. She is beautiful.

  12. Oooooooo...she is beautiful! And settling in well, I see. Congratulations! May your crazy snow level melt, and spring begin to bloom at your house...

  13. I'm WAY behind on blogs (unsurprisingly) so I'm a bit late to the party but YAY! She arrived! She's just stunning. :)

  14. Yay!!! I'm so happy she's home!!! She's beautiful!!

  15. It makes my heart happy that you are still continuing your journey. I love her eye.

  16. I am so happy that you were able to find a beautiful horse. I will enjoy reading your journey together.

  17. So, after reading the string of posts two months prior to this one, I finally got to see how it all started. All smiles here on the couch tonight! I'm still having the hardest time with commenting on the blogger platform. Some of us more challenged than others ;) But this was worth the effort,AND I've figured out I have to fill in the "notify me" area. Thrilled that this was the way all the puzzle pieces fit together. And yes, like commenter above, Mare crush!

    1. Thank you for this and your comment on the post about Steele's death. I'm constantly touched how people reach out over this.


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