dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Retail Therapy

Last week I was away visiting my sister and her family. It was a lot of fun. One of our activities was to head to a Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian supplies. I know we have one here but it's over an hour away and I never seem to get to it.

I love the smell of tack shops. It's fun just to browse. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I wanted to try on some breeches and check out the saddle pads. I found these breeches:
I've wanted a pair of these for ages- I love the idea of riding in denim. They seemed to fit well so I bought them. I figured that I might as well reward myself for the weight loss.

I found a couple tops on sale that I couldn't resist. Then it was time to check out the saddle pads. I love thin cotton pads. I think that they breathe well with the horse. Plus all my saddle pads were bought to go with Irish's colouring and I wanted to try some colours on Steele. I found this one:

I loved it so I bought it.

I also bought a few presents for my nieces. When we returned home Ed looks at my bags and says "do you have enough room in the suitcase?" Ha. He thinks he's funny. I showed him my purchases. He looked at the saddle pad.
"I thought that you had a lot of saddle pads already"
"well......can you really have too many?" (I realize that I actually might have a saddle pad problem but, hey it could be worse).
One of my nephews overheard this conversation.
"Aunt Teresa, how many saddle pads do you have?"
"Ummm" I said
"She has at least 10" says Ed.
"10? Do you really have 10 saddle pads?"
I thought quickly.
"Let's go with 10" I say
"what do you mean, 'let's go with 10'?" asks Ed suspiciously.
"10 is a good number"I say as I head up upstairs to put my purchases away.

Besides, check the pad out on Steele- doesn't it look fabulous?

he looks a little porky from this angle but he really isn't that big. honest. 

I think that the colours really suit him.

I rode in the breeches today. They were fabulously comfortable. I think that they are my new favourite breeches.

Do you have a tack shop 'problem' too?


  1. Um, yeah, I only have 10 saddle pads too. Oops. They are soooo hard to resist!

  2. That pad looks awesome on him!!! Gorgeous! You were totally justified in buying it... *evil grin* I only have three... honest... but I want to learn to make my own so I can have all sorts of colors and patterns! :D

  3. Can you tell me A) what brand of denim breeches are those and also B) that saddle pad is gorgeous and I also need to know what brand!

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery :)

    1. The breeches are 'Elation Denim Full Seat Soho Breeches'. $119 at Greenhawk
      The pad is a Shedrow Quilted Saddle pad $32.99

      The breeches run pretty true to size and hold 'stuff' in rather than create bulges...


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