dancing horses

dancing horses

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Mud Madness

It finally feels like spring. The weather is warmer and the snow is melting. This is very exciting because this means that the training can resume. And that Ed can put in the fencing around the riding ring and for the new paddock.

However, with all the snow we've had the property seems like one big mud pit. I know that it's shortlived but   it is hard to deal with. Yesterday I spent an hour grooming Steele. He looked pretty good. Today I looked at him after he'd been out for a few hours.
oh.   dear.

I brought him out into the cross ties and gave it a good try. But it was wet and sticky and impossible. It's too cold to bathe so I have to wait for it to crust up.

My horse is officially too dirty to clean.


  1. LOL! Too dirty to clean. I love it. I've had those days with my boy too. :) I hope the mud doesn't stick around too long. I know how annoying it can be.


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