dancing horses

dancing horses

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trying on Clothes

Steele is getting big. Not that I've measured him lately but when I stand by him he feels like a horse not a baby. He's enjoying our sessions together.

The other day I was working on having blankets on and around him- he was totally unflapped. So I decided to try putting a horse blanket on him.

I have lots of blankets. If you ask Ed he might say that I have a blanket problem. Only of course if he was sure I couldn't overhear him. Just because I have one horse and approximately 10 blankets, I don't see how that translates into a problem, do you? Yes I know I have 2 heavy winter blankets but Irish needs something to wear if the other gets wet doesn't he? And the fleece was on sale. So was the lime green one. Can you imagine? Now why would that be on sale??? It's so useful- it allow me to see Irish no matter where he hides. And the hunters can't confuse him for a deer now can they? SEE:
even d'Arcy looks bemused by it here. but I think that Irish can totally pull it off
Last year when I put Irish out for the first time with this on all the traffic slowed down as they drove by. I can't imagine why!

Anyway, back to Steele. While I don't intend to blanket him it doesn't mean that he shouldn't learn to wear one. So I took out the fleece one.
He looked at it and pulled away a bit.
'who, what's that?'
'Oh nothing' I saw as I gently bring it to his side. I rub it around a bit. Steele settles.
 I then slowly throw it up over him.
His head comes up 'What the?'
I take it off.
I spend the next five minutes putting it over his back and sliding it off until he no longer cares. I can put it on and take it off from the left, right and behind. The next time I fasten it. Steele dances a bit in his cross ties. He pulls at it with his teeth. \Uh uh' I say. He stops. While he's not worried, he's as impressed with this as any youngster forced to try on clothes.
Do you need to take a photo? Aren't we done yet? 

Here he still looks like a baby, doesn't he?


  1. I get this same reaction when I tell 22 5 and 6 year olds they need to wear their jacket out at recess.

  2. Oh-oh. I think my horse to blanket ratio is way off. I better hit the sales! ;)

    He does look like a kid in that last photo.

    1. well Harley has new shoes so that counts.....

  3. That blanket is sooooo cute!!! Chrome needs a plaid one! I love it. :D Chrome doesn't have any blankets..... he hasn't needed one since he was a baby though so I never bothered to buy a bigger one. I really want a plaid one though and a lime green one for hunting season. That lime green looks awesome on Irish!

    1. the fleece is a great layer- it can be used as a cooler if they're sweaty and it goes nicely under a rain sheet in cooler weather. Chrome would look great in a lime green blanket. :) I got it at Horseloverz.com


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